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Weapons Tier List (Opinion) (excluding the WW2 weapons)

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S: Type-19, Freedom SR, Glaive, Turcotte, Bianchi, Bazooka, Crossfire, XM8

A: Stubborn 68, Ar2 XL, Gauss Cannon, Hyper's, Fluence, Sword, Talos Axe, Theta

B: Blackfox, Bow, JDJ, Super Shotty, Enforcer, Gamma, Gargantuan, XM29, Sharkbite, 9mm

C: Elephant Rifle, Pereira, SMG 3, Melee Arts weapons, Bulk Cannon

Trash: COM-SN, Tiki Heartburn

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You should try to include the WW2 weapons as well. It'd give me a chance to improve them based on their perceived performance 😉

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Actually. The Tiki Heartburn isn't that bad of a Gun. It has the power of a AR, with a slight Projectile Multiplier. Giving it quite a bit of a Edge. Definitely not a Top Tier Weapon by Any means.

So I'd say it's a B-Tier due to the Weapon's stats.

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Include the WW2 weapons as well, then it would be great!