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[Solved] [DENY] jaguars Staff Application

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RP Name: TDD Leader Ceyleas Mathahmae

Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089380805/

Why I want to be staff: I want to be staff because I like being staff, its fun having the power to do right and fix things between players.

What I will help out with: I wish to deal more about community issues like rule-breakers or stuff like that, I am more civil then actual work. 

A suggestion to improve the server: Make things easier to pick up and store in inventory like armor, like a bind to automatically put all equipped armor in the inventory 

My in-game hours on the server: 7 hours

My amount of forum posts (Must have over 3 posts to apply): Done...

(Optional creative question): You have been trapped in another world with no explanation of your situation. What kind of world is it and what is your first course of action? I would first deal with my surroundings. figure out what is around me. (I would probably be like in a car wreck or plane crash) Then I would salvage for supplies and start building a shelter.

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Sorry, why you wanted to be staff; does not match our needs/wants.



Have a great day tho.